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 What started the wild ride full of more twists, turns, heights and lows than a roller coaster was a lunch of spaghetti and marinara he cooked for his fellow 3rd graders once a week. An awkward nerdy kid, fascinated with books, comics, and his Mother's college books found a fun thing he could be good at.
PBS Channel 9 in San Francisco was his tv station of choice after school, while others his age watched cartoons, Keith was entranced with Julia Child, Martin Yan and the Ragin Cajun. Summer trips across the US led to a discovery of regional cuisines and the start of an impressive cookbook collection. It was at the age of 15 when his Grandfather Aka Papa Dale gave Keith the piece of advice and direction that forged a career' 'Work in a restaurant, you'll never be unemployed, and you'll never be hungry'. Ever the literal soul, off he went to start work at Baxter's in Dublin as a busboy. Originally applying for a cook job, but told he was too young. That changed rapidly when the cooks realized this kid with a penchant for obscure trivia and comic book facts was able to get tasks done quickly and efficiently with only one demonstration. Keith's world flipped when one Sunday during a very busy brunch, a line cook failed to show up for his shift. Without asking or hesitation, Keith jumped on the line. 30 years later, he's still in that beautiful chaos he loves.
After high school he was on the opening crew at Carrow's Dublin., waiting tables in the morning and cooking at night. With encouragement and support from Papa Dale he enrolled in the Hotel/ Restaurant Management Program at Diablo Valley College, finishing at the top of his class. The fun thing about this period, cooking was just the job, music was the career, a future Rock star. It wasn't for another 5 years, moving around to different restaurants to learn new things, any new joint opening in the immediate area he was there applying and working on the opening team.
It was when he landed in Sacramento at the Hyatt Regency under the tutelage of Masa Nishiyama that he put all dreams of musical stardom down and focused his laser sight on food. Over the following 5 years he would earn a BA in Philosophy and rise from line cook to Sous Chef at a Family Italian Restaurant, Barone's in Pleasanton. Working with the Executive Chef there he found the confidence and knowledge to take the reins himself....and away he went.
Executive Chef for a private club in San Francisco, Executive Sous Chef for a high-end conference center/ resort in San Jose, Executive Chef for Intel’s Global headquarters in Santa Clara (Overseeing 250+ employees, 7 cafes and an incredible number of foreign dignitaries). It was during a stint as the Executive Chef for a Hilton hotel that things changed, drastically. Having taught himself to carve fruit and ice for the massive amounts of weddings the team did, he was carving two-three a week. During one of those carvings, the blade slipped, opening his left hand from thumb to pinky. With a rehab time of a year ahead he put the degree to use and taught high school. He would go on to be a highly awarded and lauded teacher during the brief tenure in the classroom. But the Chaos world of professional kitchens called him back, with stints as Executive Chef at a Doubletree, a consultant for several restaurants, and finally Corporate Chef for a restaurant group owned by Guy Fieri.
In the end it was a love and passion for food, food science, culinary freedom and learning that led to the creation of the Culinerdy Brand and Food Truck. A mobile kitchen where a chef can create amazing dishes, explore flavors and really see the people.
Another turns on the road came in the form of Television. Starting with local tv, he started to get asked to do bigger shows. Guy's Grocery Games, Cutthroat Kitchen, a few pilots and multiple pitches for Food Network; Man vs. Child and Food Factory: Night Shift for FYI Network; Bar Rescue for Spike TV; Home and Family for Hallmark and monthly segments on Fox 40 and CW 31 in Sacramento. In 2015 Chef Breedlove was selected to be the Official Chef of the California State Fair representing the wonderful agriculture of California. Embraced by the Sacramento community he has been featured on the covers of Comstock Magazine, The Sac Bee, and San Joaquin Magazine, with feature stories in Sacramento Magazine, Sacramento News and Review and California Bountiful.
Following his fascination, his passion, his sole purpose has been the only road. It all started with PBS and a 10-year-old cooking spaghetti.

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